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Introduce about Bears Doctor - Solutions in Hospital

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Bears Doctor - Solutions in Hospital


In Hospital 

At Home 


I. Solutions for COVID-19


Patient monitoring to support surge capacity monitoring

Home Monitoring and Telemedicine Solutions

Bear Doctor supplies a range of advanced home monitoring solutions that help ensure you can monitor with confidence from a distance, including:

Secure home-based patient management with Bear Doctor SafetyNet™, which combines tetherless pulse oximetry with a remote data capture and surveillance platform

Compact, hospital-grade portable monitors with supplemental remote monitoring

Automated remote care that facilitates the collection of physiological data and patient responses, while providing notification and guidance

Portable spot-check monitoring of SpO2, pulse rate, and respiration rate with the MightySat® Rx fingertip pulse oximeter, featuring industry-leading Bear Doctor SET® technology


Support for Screening and Clinical Management Protocols


Advanced Bear Doctor  measurements support the implementation of CDC and WHO protocols for fast screening, comprehensive triage, and quality continuous monitoring.1,2

Bear Doctor offers multiple respiration rate monitoring technologies, alongside a variety of spot-check and continuous monitors designed for use with single-patient-use products:


Respiration rate from the Pleth (RRp)

Acoustic Respiration Rate (RRa®)

NomoLine® Capnography (RRc™)


II. SafetyNet™ Remote Monitoring



The COVID-19 pandemic is creating increased demand across the globe for home-based monitoring and patient engagement solutions. Current WHO guidelines discuss triage and monitoring of COVID19 patients based on temperature, respiration rate, and oxygen saturation, and Bear Doctor solutions are meeting this increased need by adapting existing technology to deliver a secure cloud-based solution.

Combined, the Bear Doctor SafetyNet solution provides continuous tetherless pulse oximetry and respiration rate monitoring coupled with a patient surveillance platform.

Seamlessly Extend Care from the Hospital to the Home

Tetherless Pulse Oximetry with Respiration Rate Monitoring

Powered by Bear Doctor Solutions SET® measure-through-motion technology, the tetherless single-patient-use sensor provides continuous respiration rate and oxygen saturation monitoring. Patient data is sent securely via Bluetooth to the Bear Doctor Solutions SafetyNet mobile application.

Accurate, Reliable Noninvasive Monitoring Technology Platform

Bear Doctor Solutions SET® was designed with advanced signal processing to overcome the limitations of conventional pulse oximetry by maintaining accuracy in the presence of motion and low perfusion. Today Bear Doctor Solutions SET® is estimated to be used on more than 200 million patients in leading hospitals and other healthcare settings around the world. Additionally, the availability of continuous respiration rate from the pleth (RRp) alongside 

Bear Doctor Solutions SET® may help clinicians monitor the respiration rate without the need to apply an additional sensor.




Remote Home Monitoring Kit

Patients receive a multi-day supply of sensors, along with access to the Bear Doctor Solutions SafetyNet mobile application.

Bear Doctor SafetyNet

Bear Doctor  SafetyNet is a secure cloud-based platform that allows providers to remotely manage patients using customized interactive digital care programs.


Care programs

Care programs offer a digital replacement for traditional home-care plans and are delivered to patients’ smartphones via an app. The CareProgram actively reminds patients to follow their care plan, automatically captures monitoring data from the tetherless sensor, and securely pushes the data to clinicians at the hospital for evaluation. Bear Doctor has created a care program that follows CDC and WHO guidance for monitoring suspected COVID-19 subjects, which can be easily updated at any time to accommodate evolving guidance or hospital protocol.

Bear Doctor  SafetyNet Clinician Portal

The Bear Doctor  SafetyNet clinician portal allows providers to track patient compliance, helping them to identify when intervention may be required, as well as offer insight to help them prioritize patients.

With advanced automation features, institutions can more easily deploy home care monitoring at scale while ensuring clinicians stay informed of important developments in a patient’s condition



Bear Doctor  SafetyNet CareProgram for Suspected COVID-19 Patients

The care program enables providers to monitor suspected COVID-19 patients at home until they recover or require hospital admission. The CareProgram collects vital patient information by pulling data from the tetherless sensor and proactively notifying patients to submit status updates.

Welcome Describes the Care Program and includes a series of initial questions.

Daily Actions Guides patients through a series of questions, twice daily or as directed.


Stay Informed Includes a resource library with guidance on checking temperature, applying the sensor, and more.

III. Tetherless Radius PPG Pulse Oximetry System

The Radius PPG (Photoplethysmography) system is comprised of the following components:


The chip is inserted into the adhesive sensor and communicates with the Bluetooth receiver. The Bluetooth receiver is attached to the host device, providing wireless, real-time patient data.

IV. MightySat® Rx Fingertip Pulse Oximeter


Bear Doctor  SET® – The Choice of Leading Hospitals Worldwide

Bear Doctor  SET® overcomes the challenges of low perfusion and motion artifact that limit conventional pulse oximetry

Bear Doctor SET® pulse oximetry helps clinicians monitor more than 200 million patients a year1

Respiration Rate from the Pleth (RRp®)

RRp may be used to measure the respiration rate in the clinic, during emergency medical services, and at home.

RRp provides a wide measurement range of 4 to 70 breaths per minute



Designed for Performance


Results in Two Easy Steps


High-resolution view of the pleth waveform when viewed on a smart device.

Unique Parameters and Indicators

Signal IQ® (SIQ)
Located under the plethysmographic waveform. The height of the vertical line provides an assessment of the confidence in the SpO2 value displayed.

Plethysmographic (Pleth) Waveform
Real-time graphical representation of changes in the volume of arterial blood with each pulse.

Perfusion Index (Pi)
A measure of the dynamic changes in the perfusion index (Pi) that occur during the respiratory cycle.

Pleth Variability Index (PVi)
The ratio of the pulsatile blood flow to the non-pulsatile blood in peripheral tissue used to measure peripheral perfusion.

Respiration Rate from the Pleth (RRp)
A measure of respiration rate based on changes in the plethysmographic waveform. The unit of measure is respiration per minute (RPM).


V. Root Platform

Root Platform

Expandable, Customizable Patient Monitoring and Connectivity Platform

The root is a powerful, expandable patient monitoring and connectivity hub that integrates an array of technologies, devices, and systems to provide multimodal monitoring and connectivity solutions – in a single, clinician-centric platform.

Root’s plug-and-play expansion capabilities allow clinicians to centralize patient monitoring by bringing together advanced rainbow SET™ Pulse CO-Oximetry, brain function monitoring, regional oximetry, and capnography measurements on an easy-to-interpret, customizable display, empowering clinicians with more information for making patient assessments. Further, Root serves as a central connectivity hub, with the automated electronic charting of Bear Doctor and third-party device data to patient data management systems (PDMS), which may improve clinician workflows through the reduction of manual data documentation.


VI. Root® With Noninvasive Blood Pressure and Temperature Monitoring


Root® With Noninvasive Blood Pressure and Temperature Monitoring

Root offers multiple high-impact innovations for use across the continuum of care:

Integrates Bear Doctor breakthrough measurements from the Radical-7® handheld or Radius-7® patient-worn monitor

Instantly interpretable, high visibility display with intuitive, multi-touch navigation for easy and adaptable use in hospital environments

Flexible measurement expansion through Bear Doctor  Open Connect™(MOC-9™)

ISA™ CO2 capnography for sidestream monitoring featuring Nomoline™ technology for cost-effective consumables

Designed to enable third-party measurement expansion

Integrated noninvasive blood pressure and temperature monitoring

Automates the calculation of Early Warning Scores (EWS)

Root with Patient SafetyNet™* version or higher enables clinicians to document vital signs data, measured from supported devices or manually entered on Root, in a patient's Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

* The use of the trademark PATIENT SAFETYNET is under license from University HealthSystem Consortium.

Customizable in a Variety of Healthcare Environments


Automated charting of patient data in the hospital EMR system via Bear Doctor-Patient SafetyNet or Iris Gateway™

Communicates alerts and alarms wirelessly to Bear Doctor-Patient SafetyNet for hospital-wide remote clinician notification

VII. Patient SafetyNet Supplemental Remote Monitoring and Clinician Notification System


Patient SafetyNet Supplemental Remote Monitoring and Clinician Notification System

 Patient SafetyNet is a supplemental remote monitoring and clinician notification system which displays near real-time information from any connected Bear Doctor or third-party device at a central station and allows alarms and alerts from bedside devices to be sent directly to clinicians.

Continuous Supplemental Remote Monitoring


Bedside Device Connectivity

According to the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation (APSF), post-operative patients should have oxygenation monitored by continuous pulse oximetry.1 Using industry-leading Bear Doctor SET® pulse oximetry and upgradeable Pulse CO-Oximetry measurements, Bear Doctor bedside devices provide noninvasive and continuous monitoring of oxygen saturation, pulse rate, respiration rate, total hemoglobin, and other clinically valuable measurements.


VII. Replica


Patient Care in the Palm of Your Hand

Replica is a mobile application for supplemental remote monitoring and clinician notification that allows clinicians to view continuous monitoring data for multiple patients, as well as view and respond to alarms and alerts, from a smartphone, regardless of location.

Near real-time data and high-fidelity waveforms from Bear Doctor and third-party monitors

Actionable alarm notifications with intelligent, automatic escalation

Two-way notification technology for quick alarm response and forwarding

VIII. Kite


Kite provides a supplemental display of data from a Bear Doctor device

Display patient data from Bear Doctor monitors on compatible smart devices

Configure the display differently than that of the connected Bear Doctor device

Integrates into existing hospital infrastructures where a supplemental display may be beneficial, such as the operating room or cardiac theater

IX. RD SET Sensors for Continued Innovation


RD SET Sensors for Patients


Lightweight sensor with a flat, soft cable

Flat Sensor Cable

Flat, lightweight sensor cable with smooth edges lies comfortably on the patient's hand or foot

Lightweight Connector

Small, Thin Optical Components

Low profile internal components allow the sensor to better conform to the shape of a finger and may put less pressure on the measurement site

The orientation of optical components positions the sensor cable comfortably on top of the hand


X. RD rainbow SET Sensors


RD rainbow SET Sensors

Flat sensor with smooth edges lies comfortably on a patient’s hand

Lighter than traditional cable-based sensors and previous-generation sensors


Quick and intuitive sensor-to-cable connection with tactile and audible feedback ensures a proper connection

Sensor graphics guide proper sensor application

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